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Managing Meltdowns: Answers for the Parent Who Has Tried It All

Would you like to learn to Manage Meltdowns once and for all? Then try here!

If you’ve tried it all and found the Common Wisdom just isn’t working, it’s time to consider something completely different. Aren’t you ready to finally achieve the happy home life you so desperately deserve.

Do you come home from work wondering how bad the evening will be? If your home life revolves around constant bickering, arguing, whining and meltdowns, it may seem like a good idea to drive around the block once or twice just to enjoy a few more minutes of peace before you set foot in the door, and the drama begins. All you really want is to come home and actually enjoy your family. Is that really so much to ask?

I share your frustration. I don’t know how you feel. No one knows how it feels to walk in your shoes, but as a Psychotherapist I’ve seen the anger, tears and hopelessness that so many families have come to me with over the years. For a long time I shared in these frustrations because nothing I was bringing to the table seemed to help. I was feeling the hopelessness myself when I didn’t have the answers, and didn’t know anyone else who did.

Luckily, I did hit on some answers. I didn’t end up selling furniture or working in Corporate America. I went back to basics and found the science to solve the problem. Families that used to sit across the room from each other, glaring, were cuddled up on the couch, laughing and talking. (Yes I have a couch but its not one of those cliche ones.)

“Managing Meltdowns, Answers For The Parent Who Has Tried It All”, is the culmination of many years of study and implementation. You don’t need to drive to an office and pay co-pays every week. You don’t have to pay for yet another broken door or hole in the wall from the latest meltdown. “Managing Meltdowns” will help you begin to see real change right now, no appointment necessary. For far less than the cost of just one therapy session, Managing Meltdowns lets you in on all the best tools in my arsenal, laid out step by step. Whether your child is 4 or 14 you can begin to see the benefits of a peaceful family life sooner than you might imagine. Click on the button below to get your copy right now.

One of the most exciting parts of my job is seeing the light bulb go off for families that I work with. As I explain the science behind the behavioral changes that I ask parents to make, I can see the gears turn. There is an excitement in knowing what to do the next time an issue comes up. Even more exciting is the first time parents come back and say “We did it”. “We kept our cool and did everything right and it felt so good.” Parents begin to feel empowered and back in the drivers seat for the first time in years.

Even better than these light bulb moments for the parents are the moments when real change begins to happen for the kids. Little Jessie may struggle against the changes for a while but when she finally decides to work with the system instead of against it, another light comes on. The girl who stared at me and her parents sullenly, comes in one day smiling. She chats about her day and jokes with her parents. Her guard is down and the little girl underneath emerges. That is the good stuff. That is what makes my job the best one on the whole planet.

Now I have to admit that this book is not for everyone. If you have read a ton of books but never gotten to the implementation phase then “Managing Meltdowns” is not for you. This behavior system does work, but its not a quick fix, wave your magic wand solution. You need to commit to making some changes, and not everyone is ready to take this step. It is also not appropriate for families that are dealing with alcohol and drug abuse. The adults in the house need to be fairly stable themselves in order to bring stability into a child’s life. If you are in the middle of moving, or about to have a second child, this may not be the right time to launch into Managing Meltdowns. I just want to be honest with you here because I want this to work for you.

With that said lets take a quick look at something I like to call “The Game.” This is something that kids who like negative attention tend to play as frequently as possible. The whole point of the game is to drag you into a debate of one kind or another, and keep you engaged until tempers rise and drama ensues. “The Game” might sound a little something like this.

Jessie: What are we having for dinner tonight.
Mom: Spaghetti.
Jessie: Yuck, I don’t want spaghetti, I want pizza.
Mom: But you love spaghetti. You were just saying we don’t have it often enough.
Jessie: That was last week. I want pizza now.
Mom: Tough, we are eating spaghetti.
Jessie: Then I’m not going to eat. I hate spaghetti and I’m never going to eat it again.
Mom: Seriously, its almost the same thing as pizza, its red sauce and cheese and all the good stuff you always like.
Jessie: It’s not same and I’m not going to eat your disgusting spaghetti.
Mom: You have to eat dinner and we are having spaghetti.
Jessie: No
Mom: Don’t get that tone with me.
Jessie: I’m not, you hate me. We can’t ever do anything I want…

And on it goes until people are crying and yelling and no one is hungry anyway. When you go to explain the fight to your spouse or your mother or whoever later that night it all sounds kind of silly. Really, all of that over spaghetti?

It’s not about the spaghetti. It never is. It could have been about absolutely anything. Homework, chores, getting out of bed, brushing teeth, walking the dog, anything. You try to point out all the logical reasons that spaghetti is a good choice for dinner. You try putting your foot down. Sometimes you just give in and let her have the pizza. It doesn’t matter because an hour later it’s something else.

This is “The Game”. It’s all about getting your attention and it works like a charm. If “The Game” is sounding a bit too familiar then I encourage you to take a look at your e-mail to read more about how to play, and how to win. If you don’t see the e-mail, check your junk folder and explain nicely to your e-mail provider that e-mails from Bess are anything but junk!

I want to share Managing Meltdowns with your family. I may not get the privilege of being there to see the light bulb go on, but I hope to at least hear from the families that this book helps. If this book does not help you, please let me know so that I can continue to improve the message and better communicate, in writing, what I typically do in person. I will happily give you a full refund in exchange for your honest feedback. Ok, maybe I won’t be that happy about it, but I promise not to cry or anything. I just want to bring this information to families in the best way possible.

Click on the link below and start reading right now. You can pay with a credit card. Not to worry, it’s totally secure. Isn’t it time to stop struggling with your family and rediscover the child underneath; the one you love unconditionally. Join the many happy families who once shared in your pain and have come out the other side. Or, if you’d like to ask some questions before you purchase you can email us at

Managing Meltdowns

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