Frequently Asked Questions





Why should I see a therapist/life coach when I have plenty of friends to talk to?


Friends are great. I am not here to replace your friends or loved ones. I provide a place that is free of bias (well, as free as humanly possible) and confidential, so that you can say whatever you want about your friends and loved ones without risking anyone’s feelings getting hurt. It is my job to understand how you see the world, help you discover what is working for you, what isn’t and how to start using your powers for good.


Are you going to just sit there and nod and say, “...and how does that make you feel?”


My friends in college used to tease me by saying “...and how does that make you feel?” It is a fun cliche’ to throw around but I try my best to talk to you like a person, not a cartoon shrink. I will also do my best to get to know you and your Monster so that we can both understand how your Monster is effecting your thoughts and actions. Then I will work with you to implement techniques to reign that Monster in leaving you free to work on other goals in life.


How much is this going to cost?


I guess it depends. I am a participating provider with the insurace companies listed on the Fees Page. My out of pocket rate is $125 after the initial evaluation. Now you could put this on your flexible spending account so it would be tax free. You might opt to ask your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement in which case you may get a bit back. Heck, maybe even your grandma would be willing to pitch in for a good cause. Perhaps you qualify for a lower rate on my sliding scale. So you see, it depends.


Do you take insurance?


Yes. Take a look at the "Fees" page on the menu bar for more information on this.


Can I bring my pitbull?


Hmmm, I don’t know, is she nice, will she drool on me? I’m afraid I can’t allow pets in the office but if it is a nice day and you would like to walk and talk on campus I am game if Snowball is.

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