Seven Tips to stop playing online and start studying Seven Tips to stop playing online  and start studying



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7 Tips To Stop Playing Online and Actually Enjoy Studying.


1. Go somewhere else. Somewhere without your computer. Leave your phone in the car if necessary. You can be unavailable for a while and the world will still turns.


2. Go with a friend or a few friends. Even if you are studying different things, you are in good company.


3. Walk to your study spot. We learn best during the 30 minutes following exercise.


4. Don’t study for more than 30 minutes before you take a break to stretch your legs and get the blood flowing back to your brain.


5. Social media and cell phone breaks are only permitted with a time limit that everyone agrees to stick to. Keep it short, this is not the time to respond to every tweet and rant.


6. Make a date of it. Put it on the weekly calendar to get together, same time, same place. Even if you have nothing to work on you can review notes or get ahead on your reading and feel all nerdy and on top of things.


7. End your study session with something fun. Even if it’s just dinner time and you can all head off the cafeteria together, go for it. If your study time is a little later, end with a time for popcorn and a favorite TV show. Make it fun, you deserve it.


If you find that you are hooked in to gaming or social media to the point that it is interfering with your grades or other aspects of your life, you may need to consider getting some help. Contact me now to set up an appointment so that you can control your computer, instead of letting it control you.

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