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Top 10 things you should never say to people who are struggling with infertility.


1. Oh, gosh, I get pregnant at the drop of a hat.


2. Maybe its just not meant to be.


3. You can always adopt.


4. As soon as you stop worrying so much it will happen.


5. Maybe you should try losing some weight.


6. Have you tried putting your legs over your head afterwards?


7. She’s not on top is she?


8. Are  you sure you are doing it enough?


9. Are you sure you are doing it right?


10. Just get drunk and do it behind a bar, it worked for us.


People mean well but at some point the “helpful advice” and silly comments get old. Watching the months tick by without that double line on the pregnancy test isn’t easy. Let your friends and family know that you don’t want advice and you don’t want humor. Tell them how they can help. Maybe they can take you out for a day at the spa or just be there to listen when you feel like giving up. Your friends and family want to be supportive but they may need a little guidance on how.

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