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Maryland Modern Family Counseling in Towson, MD is a family owned psychotherapy practice specializing in managing the stresses of the modern family. My name is Lorah “Bess” Hauf. I am a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with more than a decade of full time experience working with stressed out families.

Many therapists will adopt the label of Cognitive-Behavioral therapist, or Psychoanalytic or Solution Focused. What does all that mean? Well, they are all rooted in different schools of thought based on some brilliant someone back in the day, and no, I don’t just mean Freud. Many of them repackage the same tools with a different angle and a different name.

I consider myself more of an eclectic therapist. I feel that there is something important to learn from everyone who has gone before me. More importantly, I like to focus on the tools and techniques that have been researched and proven effective. I do, therefore, use a lot of Cognitive Behavioral techniques. Sometimes good, old fashion Psychoanalysis (yes this is Freud, don’t panic, he did some cool stuff) allows us to dig deeper to get to the root of the issue before moving onto the fix it stage. After all, trying to fix a problem without figuring out what it is, or why it exists in the first place is a bit like doing plumbing in the dark with the water turned off. You can’t see a thing, let alone where the leak is coming from. I like to stay current on the latest research and trends and bring that information to you along the way, complete with weird metaphors. (For more fun metaphors see Of Monsters and Muses)

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