What concerns bring you here?

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Personal Growth


Therapy doesn’t have to be about what is “wrong” with you or your life. Instead it can be about working through the roadblocks and challenges that get between you and your dreams. Are you starting a new chapter in your life? Perhaps you are getting married soon, starting a family or maybe even a new business? Having a safe place to sort through all these exciting changes allows you to make the most of the next step in your journey.

Fertility, Birth & Loss Fertility is a heavy word. Whether you have decided to launch into having a family and are finding that it doesn’t come as easily to you as it seems to with everyone else or pregnancy has been unleashed upon you uninvited, this can be a stressful time in a couple’s life. Miscarriage, abortion, and birth trauma are all painful realities that need time and a safe, judgment free space to sort through.

Sadness Sadness can take many forms. It isn’t always about tears, sometimes there are moments of anger and irritation that hide the deeper pain. Sometimes sadness leaves a person feeling empty, like life is meaningless so why get out of bed at all? You do not have to suffer indefinitly, I can help you find yourself again.



Stress! We’ve all experienced it at one time or another. It can lead to a racing mind and sleepless nights. What is keeping you up late? Let’s talk and give you back your peace of mind.


Walk & Talk


Sometimes its just more productive to get out of the office and move around a bit. Not everyone is completely comfortable with face to face interactions. So on nice days, let's walk and talk.