Who can benefit from therapy?

Therapy and coaching session are available for the whole family. Individual or family sessions are  available. Groups sessions and workshops are also available depending on interest and availability. We can meet in my office or walk outside on the campus lawns or the nature trail.


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Parents have a tough job. Even before a child is born a lot of planning and sometimes heartache can go into the process. Parents struggle with issues from infertility, miscarriage, birth trauma and loss on one end of the spectrum to separation and empty nest struggles on the other. Along the way anyone can get stuck and find themselves in need of help.

Kids come in all shapes and sizes on the outside and the inside. Kids struggle with sadness, stress and behavioral problems. They enjoy having an adult to tell their secrets to and find a different perspective.


Teens and Young Adults struggle with pressures from the world around them as well as raging shifts in hormones from one moment to the next. Serious problems can arise when stress gets too high or teens begin to feel sad or suicidal. Therapy creates a safe place to sort through the chaos. 

Students begin to face major changes in life at a young age. They are asked to make critical life decisions before Junior year in both high school and again in college. Relationship struggles, test anxiety and homesickness can make this journey rough.

LGBTQ  The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning members of families have a lot on their plates to balance. Sexuality and attraction are very personal matters that seem to be up for debate and judgement far too frequently in everyday discussion and in the media. If you need a safe place to work out feelings about your gender or sexuality or you have family problems that need some attention I can help.